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I would like to share a few ideas to kick off this new project, Bitcoin Film Festival!

This first idea I have had for many years. It goes a little something like this. After the optical media DVD and Blu-ray what will come next? What if the answer is a multi-disc format. Unlimitedly multi-disc. Need enough room for that archive print that it would fill 3 Blu-rays? Three Blu-rays it is then, et cetera.

The media player would have a hefty hard drive and processors to integrate the data from the multiple discs. But it could basically be a computer with existing parts and existing optical media-reading drives.

Now the next idea, just had it tonight, is keyed specifically to the bitcoin theme. What if an amount of bitcoin is loaded onto the film disc to increase the value and the collectibility? The customer (the fine art enthusiast, if you will) can choose how much bitcoin they want on the disc. Whether it is the answer to the secret keys of the wallet or another method, fundamentally the movie in their collection is worth the additional amount of bitcoin (plus how much the physical copy of the movie is worth to collectors).

The very beginning of what I think is a revolutionary idea, both for the film industry and the adoption of cryptocurrency!

Remember to bookmark this website if you want to learn more about the now-in-planning BITCOIN FILM FESTIVAL, from the creator of EarthRevolution.org, me, Jesse Ryan Jensen.